Castle Combe – race report

It turned out to be a great warm race event with some brilliant sunshine and great racing by our Pumas. Eight drivers entered and the qualify session ended with some dramas as both the cars of Rob Ladbrook/Hamish Brandon and Dai Davies/Iestyn Davies were to encoutne terminal issues which would preclude further running for the race day. Clutch issues for the former pairing and stub axle/drive shaft for the latter duo.

The race was the usual 40 minutes endurance format and it was an exciting time with the lead changing a few times. Chris Atkinson got his green Puma into a good lead, but the subsequent driver change saw this evaporate down the order. Notable was the Atkinson timing as he left a mere 32 seconds of the window to pit and start the change. The whole Puma Cup race was really quite close, but the challenge of making up lost time for Kelvin May was just a little too much. If there was a driver of the day it would have been shared between Jon Attard and John Boult for giving us a race of quality. At the end though it was Jon Attard the winner from John Boult and then Kelvin May/Chris Atkinson Puma. Thank for an exciting race. Next stop – Donington on 09 September.