Race report from Thruxton

Thruxton is one of, if not, the fastest race circuits in the UK. This blistering warm day was a great backdrop to the close fast Puma Cup Series. It seemed that 40 minutes might be considered a long race time, but when the final two laps were evident, it was Puma cars separated by seconds that made the result open right to the chequered flag. It was a good days racing. When the numbers soon increase we should see a dozen plus Pumas out at Silverstone. What a sight that will be!

The intervening halfway mandatory pit stop again proved popular and frantic as the cars came and went. Some practice is obviously required with one or two teams, but this will come.

The chequered flag was a welcome sight for the drivers. Nick Jackson took a deserved victory from Jon Attard and John Boult. Boult went into this race event a little disconsolate with his form in testing, but a tweak from Puma guru Alex Eacock gave the pace back to the car and driver. Boult professed himself well pleased with his 3rd as did Attard with a stunning 2nd.

Good to see Adam Richards out with my old friend from Fiesta days – Stuart Croucher.





Left to right
Jon Attard – Nick Jackson – John Boult