Puma Cup – Competitive Cars and Great Tracks!

for immediate release.

For Puma Cup competitors.

Thruxton is the first venue for the Puma Cup in 2020. The date for the first race is Saturday 25th July. This CSCC run event already has 400 entries with more to come.
Check out the CSCC website to complete an online entry form. There will be no overnight parking on circuit and COVID-19 rules will be applied to social distancing etc.. There are an anticipated good entry for Puma Cup with over half a dozen looking to race.

+ Fiesta race cars
An invitation to all smaller Ford race cars irrespective of size or nationality.

Come and join the Puma Cup. Register your interest with Ford Racing UK at info@fordracing.eu
  1. Please refer to Classic Sports Car Club calendar website.



and for Fiestas now as our new look series evolves . . . .
If you're looking to get into competitive UK circuit racing without breaking the bank then the Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup is for you. The Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup is now probably the most cost effective way for drivers to experience a mix of sprint and 'mini' endurance racing on a budget. We race at some of the most iconic circuits in the UK, such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Snetterton, Oulton Park and many more. So could you! With a friendly paddock and close and competitive cars, the Puma Cup is perfect for novices and veterans alike. Good, close racing that is budget conscious.  Supported by DUNLOP.

Why the Puma Cup?    The Ford Puma is fantastic fun to drive - a perfect mix of balanced handling and zippy performance. Most importantly, the Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup's tightly controlled regulations and rigidly enforced modifications means you can test and perfect your racing skills against like-minded drivers in very similar cars. Chase places through improved driving, not bigger budgets!  So, if you fancy a competitive dive into the world of Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup, look no further. The Cartek Motorsport Puma Cup Series is ready for you to join!

Contact us now for details.


I'd talked to the Puma Cup for a long time before taking the plunge. I wish I'd done it sooner!

John Boult, Puma Cup driver 2019