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Puma Cup 2016 Kit Price List

Puma Cup - Kit Price List

We all know club racing isn't cheap, and buying your way to the front is incredibly expensive. Despite what we might tell our significant others...

That's where the Puma Cup comes in! We're dedicated to promoting budget conscious, cost-effective motorsport in the UK. Using the easily available and fun Ford Puma for a one-make series is a great place to start.

Good examples of road cars are available for well under a £1,000, and strictly controlled modifications mean you can put together a competitive car for a fraction of the cost of other series.

Use your talent to get to the front of the grid - not your wallet!

Click the price list  for details on the kit required to build your own car - including roll cage, suspension, bushes and ECU remaps.

Want a race ready car?

If you'd rather 'jump start' your foray into the Puma Cup then take a look at our list of current race ready cars for sale here.

Alternatively, for those who would like to try it out first, there are also tempting 'arrive and drive' packages available from Ford Racing UK.

If you'd like more information, why not leave Puma Cup a comment below?

Puma Cup cars for hire - Ford Racing UK

Ford Racing UK

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  1. Hi
    I’m interested in building and registering a car for the 2018 season, can you give me some information on where to Start? Race licenses required, car mods etc. Struggling to find this on the web site.

    Many thanks John

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