Information about the Puma Cup


More enquiries from Puma race car competitors (03/03/2020)
Just this past week another 4 positive enquiries have been made which should make the Puma Cup grids even better for the 2020 race season.
2020 will be the sixth season for Puma Cup. New drivers and cars will make for larger grids and an even more competitive field!

The 2020 season calendar will have the Puma Cup running predominately with CSCC. It will feature a potent mix of endurance and sprint race adventures.

The Ford Puma is a prolific sight on the roads of the U.K. and Europe, with tens of thousands being built and sold by the Ford Motor Company.

The Puma Cup will see the popular 1700cc engine 'pocket rocket' racing around the premier race circuits in the UK.

Click here for technical information and Puma Cup rules.


Puma Cup - Group Photo

Endurance races

The main race format is one which will appeal to many drivers as it will see a shared drive scenario. For Endurance meetings, we have a thirty minute qualifying session, followed by a 40 minute race. Mandatory pit stops give an excellent opportunity to swap drivers over. All of this, mostly on a single day!

Sprint races

The Sprint events have a slightly different format. They usually consist of 15/20 minute qualifying session, with two races of a similar time. Really focused driving that keeps the pack compressed.

When numbers allow, Puma Cup organisers will be looking to seek stand alone races (realistically for 2020+).

Contact us today to find out how you can get involved!

Best racing ever!

Multiple Puma Cup podium finisher Ben Eacock